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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools!!

Ok, I confess! I can't take it anymore; my conscious is killing me!

...The Male Pregnancy story is FALSE!

Whoa, what a relief, right?

I wanted to disclose this information on Friday but, I just couldn't wait that long. I couldn't bare knowing that my loyal readers had been deceived. I even got the opportunity to witness someone go through all the emotions, believing such a story to be true; trusting everything I wrote only because I said so! 

It was torture, I tell you.
well, maybe I enjoyed it a little bit :)

Though I am flattered that you trust my blogs, I think we can all learn a lesson from this april fools joke, and that is to Google! Yup, google the topic, don't just accept things at face value. We all need to verify and prove to ourselves that what is given to us as fact, is actually fact or fiction. In other words, verify your sources (This goes for those chain emails too).

If its of any consolation, I too fell for the article when I first read it a couple of years ago. (But only for a couple of minutes)

So how many of you fell for it?
Remember, you are anonymous.



Anonymous said...

I did and then 20 seconds later read it wasn't too long....hahaha.......tnx for the lesson.

Anonymous said...

shame on you!!!
plus it was posted on 3/31. terrible...

--your cubicle neighbor

Jessica said...

shoo' i 'ont care if i'm anonynous or not, i fell for it!...hahahahaha,that was funny...although i still wouldn't be so surprised if something like that occurred...heck, maybe next year we'll have to deal with this, who knows!! you got me there...

Anonymous said...

Heard of Thomas Beattie?

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