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Monday, March 24, 2008

What's a Laptop?

This is interesting...

...And a quickie!

In case you didn't know, MacBook Air Owners have been having some difficulties passing through Airport security due to their "suspiciously looking" laptops. According to some reports, the technically challenged staff of TSA believe that the MacBook Air is too thin to be a laptop. When viewed through the X-Ray machine, the Air reveals further naughtiness that peeks the interest of TSA even more! Can you imagine the conversation of having to explain your laptop?


Anonymous said...

with my name, I'd probably end up in Guantanimo bay if I had one of these... it's already hard enough getting through TSA wearing a leather belt.

Jessica said...

i wonder what is it that makes the macbook so different from your typical looking laptop?...i know i wouldn't have any problems with customs cos of my big ol' laptop, haha...

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