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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Faces on Mars?

This is a fun post...

Not too long ago, a regular John Doe was browsing through some photographs of Mars that were taken by the rover Spirit. This person happened to have discovered a very interesting rock formation of what appeared to be a sitting man; it made world headlines! The image became known as The Man on Mars. If you look at the official image from NASA, you'll realize that this John Doe person has very sharp eyes (See if you can spot the rock formation ). LINK
A few weeks before that there was another John Doe who had discovered a "doorway" on the surface of mars. LINK

and if you remember way back to 1976, the Viking 1 took a very famous photograph known as The Face on Mars. 

These Martian rock formations are fascinating, though the theory behind them are silly, you still have to admire the creativity in people. Well guess what people!? I've discovered two new faces!!! I have not seen these anywhere else so I hope I'm the first one to discover these faces LINK
If you want to see more interesting Martian rock formations, take a look at these interesting links:

1 comment:

Jessica said...

this is by far my favorite blog!! it's awesome!...i've seen some pretty adequate images in my room ceiling: you know, it makes me wonder, have i discovered something as well?? the faces, like mad-looking gorillas and bodacious-looking women, i wonder? one of these days i'm gonna take a picture of these images and you'll see for yourself...haha :P

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