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Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Bee Story

Here is something interesting, and frightening...

Beekeepers from the US, Canada, and Europe have reported disappearing bees in huge numbers; some beekeepers have even reported a loss of approximately 90% of their hives.

In an average season, a 20% loss is considered normal. This year, beekeepers have been reporting an average loss of about 30 to 60%. Although this is not the first time such an event has occurred, It has never been seen as widespread as we see today.

To add to the mystery, beekeepers find no dead bees near the hives or anywhere on the field, all they find are empty hives... they just vanish!

But why are they disappearing?
Well, nobody knows why the bees are disappearing and scientist have come up with a couple of different theories, but none of them have come up with a definitive answer. One theory that seems to be prevailing is that cell phone radio signals are causing a disruption in bee communications. A limited study at Landau University has scientific evidence showing that when cell phones are placed near a beehive, bees do not return to their colony. To add to the mystery, animals that usually harvest the honey after a hive has been abandoned, seem to not be interested in hives where bees have disappeared.

What does this mean to us?
Well, apart from producing honey, bee's are also responsible for pollination, this means that if bees where to become extinct, our agriculture would be in danger! For example, Almond crop is 100% dependent on bee pollination and to put things into perspective, Albert Einstein has been quoted saying: "If bees disappeared...mankind would only have 4 years to live." Although the quote is questionable that Albert Einstein actually said it, this bee mystery should not be taken lightly.

Is this an End-Time prophecy?
There are some people who think that this mystery is an end-time prophecy and that Revelations 6 (focusing on verse 6) is of what is to come in the last days when the bees actually do disappear. I personally don't understand the verse? maybe someone can better explain this to me and why we have linked the disappearing bees to this verse. :) 

Should we link the disappearing bees to Einstein's Quote and the Mayan Calender too? If we have four years left and the Mayan calender ends in 2012, should we be worried? ...I'm just rambling...



Chris said...


Anonymous said...

The cell phone theory is interesting...i always knew cell phones were evil, especially the iPhone.


Andres Segovia said...

I followed this story for a while. I'm waiting for the scientists to say its global warming's fault too. Frogs in Coata Rica supposedly died because of global warming but further research is pointing to an INFECTION.

Agendas. Agendas. Who's should we adhere to? Who should we believe?

Oh, M. Night Shyamalan's next movie THE HAPPENING is based on the disappearing bee story!

Michelle said...

very mysterious...

Jessica said...

very interesting...and you got me worried alright...something to really ponder on...

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